Sunday, September 11, 2016


I’m gonna tell u about my experience, meeting my ultimate bias group aka B.A.P for the first time! So i worked hard during my break and earned some money to buy the first section of the concert seats! and the benefits would be hi-touch with them after concert. After i got the tickets, i joined in a contest that would give me a chance to get into a fansign during their presscon and guess what? I WON. I was crying tears of joy and basically shaking when i found out i won. On the day of the fansign, i went with my bestfriend since i won a pair of tickets so yeah, we were so nervous to meet them.. My heart still beats fast when i remember this moment.. when i was infront of Daehyun ((keep in mind that he is not my bias but i like him alot too)) , he gave me a really big smile and said hello to me. While he was signing i told him "i really like your voice" ((i suddenly forgot how to say this in korean)) but he didnt get it and tilted his head and went "hmm?" fk i was shaking so bad so i did some gestures (( pointing to my throat and gave it a big thumbs up)) he laughed and said thank you.... Daehyun is really.. he gives the best fanservice to fans ;;;;; the hi-touch session...i cant believe i saw them upclose again;; but they were all smiling eventhough it was right after their concert I love B.A.P so much I miss them so much, i wish i can see them again oh btw im 18 years old!


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