Sunday, September 11, 2016


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T/n: Those 2 stories are kinda similar so we decided to put them together! ^_^

Here's PC-tizen 1's story
I would like to tell you my story about one of my male friend. I can’t tell this story to my other friends because everyone know this guy. Actually i know this guy since i was elementary school, we went into same elementary school, also middle school and high school. I never think he a close friend of mine because that only 2-3 times we’ve been in the same class. Until 2nd grade of high school, we went into the same class, also in 3rd grade. Even we went to same university. I feel really close with him, i can share anything with him also he always share anything with me. If we and our friends went out, he always sat next to me, do anything for me, event in the car, i always sat next to him. When we went to church he always sat next to me, and hold my hand without hesitate. And one day, he and i want to go cinema, but he can’t make it and i feel soooooo sad. The next day we and our friends went to McD, after that we want to go to karaoke, we split into 3 and i went to karaoke with him using his motorcycle. Before we went to karaoke place, we went to fill the fuel and he said “together in bike like this, its like a date that we can’t make it yesterday” Also this story when i tell a story and i said “i want a boyfriend right now.. who can hug me tight”, the he, sat next to me, turn to me an open his hand and said “let me hug you” BUT he always have girlfriend beside him. He always tell me when he like someone or how is his girlfriend etc. Otoke..... i think i like him sometimes.. i think i fell for him.. but when i remember he have girlfriend i always think i just a good friend of him.. aaaa is this that damn friendzone :( what should i do :(

PC-tizen 2
I am 18 years old and I've been in love with a boy for at least 5 years. It started in 7th grade because I got interested in him since we shared the same interests and we starting texting via facebook. Silly me told another person that I liked him a lot and this person is just such a.... bad girl to put it in a nice way. Anyways, she would sit next to me in class and say "(Boy I like), come here!" and would ask him what exactly my eye color is and we had a stare battle or whatever. My poor 13-year-old-heart couldn't handle that... TOO MUCH! But then that girl would say in a flirtatious way "And what about my eyes?" and he would drop me. One day, I wrote him a message on facebook and "confessed" to him. Said something like "Hey... Don't laugh but I wanted to say that I really like you." And he responded saying "that's cute." And that was it... Well I was like I should move on, this will never work out, he is not interested in me BUT THIS BOY Why would he randomly start laughing about my jokes or look at me in class and smile at me like that? Even though I try to forget about him I always come back to think about him and how he is doing because we didn't share a class until 10th grade again.. Everytime when I was like "it will not work out", "he is a douche" or whatever and I was starting to forget about him, he would ask my brother how I was doing or he would just talk to me and ask me things and would make me feel flustered because WHY IS HE SUDDENLY TALKING TO ME? Another thing is, he has a girlfriend right now and I know it's wrong to be in love with him but I just can't control my feelings towards him. This boy is just so confusing and it reaaaally frustrates me. I feel like this can't be it. Thinking about a boy for 5 years but I can't do anything about it.


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