Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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I'm a 17 years old female with a lot of problems but I tend to ignore all of it because I want to live a positive and worry free life. But nowadays there's something that concerns me so so much. It's about my mom and my siblings. Ahhh thinking about it make me frustrated already 😥 They always call me fat, ask me to lost weight, say that I look like someone's mother with my big figure and other insults. Honestly, I don't care about my weight and I think I'm not that as fat as they say. This problem is getting out of control cause they are starting to publicly call me fat. Even in front of my friends. I was so so embarrassed that I just laughed it out bitterly. Now my younger brother is even ashamed of me and treat me rudely just because I'm not as thin as him. Hey bro, if you think being skinny is handsome think again. You only look like a stick I could crush in any second. But that again, I really hate to argue so I just nod and say 'yeah I'm fat haha'.

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