Saturday, September 10, 2016


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Age: 18

Last year, my friend and I went on a nationwide camp together. There we met people from other states and made friends. There was this guy, a year our senior at the camp which I got along well with after. Gradually, I started falling for him. Since my friend and I both know him, one clearly better than the other, I confided in her about my crush. I trusted her because first of all, she's a close friend and second, she has a boyfriend. Who knew that she would add him on Facebook and start talking to him. It was fine, normal conversations are good. She told me they talked about me mostly and that it was just friendly talk. But, when he and I went out together and we exchanged phones for the fun of it, I saw their conversations and her messages were awfully flirtatious. I was uncomfortable with that but didn't confront her because that might have not been her intentions. What ultimately drove me to legitimately lose my mind was when she went around our circle of friends, telling them I might be a man-stealer because I was on talking terms with her boyfriend. I was just losing all form of cool I had. Honestly, I don't know what to do. Should I keep being friends with someone like her? Is this even a good enough reason for me to be mad at her? Am I a man-stealer just because her boyfriend is my friend?

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