Sunday, October 2, 2016


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23 years old:

Dilemma So my roommate have a crush on her classmate but she was afraid of being caught so being a good roommate I am, I allowed her to use my twitter account to follow that guy so that she can stalks him.
And he immediately followed me back, I didn't care about it because I didn't really know him. But one day he texted me, I was shocked because I just know him as my roommate's crush (where did he get my number, I still don't know).

Apparently he liked me since the orientation week and have been trying to ask me out. I resisted at first because I knew my roommate liked him but he is sooooooooo persistent and I started to like him too but the guilt is too much I don't know if I should just accept him or not because my roommate really really likes him, she talks about him every day.
This happened when I started my uni life and I've graduated last year and we kept in touch until now, I honestly like him but the guilt is just too much.

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