Wednesday, October 12, 2016


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(20 years old)

He's my mom's friend's son.

I met him when he attended my younger brother's birthday party together with his family.
It was an awkward meeting. I was standing by the gate when he drove his car in
and when he was about to come out from the car, I saw a wild boar
(I don't even know where it's coming from)
running towards me from outside the gate so I rushed inside my house
and I saw him jumping back into his car while his dad was shoo-ing the boar away.
It was quite funny actually.
He's handsome, but my first impression on him was that he's a subtle type of guy and he's mostly expressionless that day.
A few days later, mom told me he's the guy she's been meaning to have as son-in-law.
I'm the only daughter in the family so mom always wants the best for me
and I give the authority of deciding my love life to mom because I have trust issue with boys.
Once I told her he's fine, she quickly called her friend and that was when it began.
I met his mother a few times, she's a wonderful woman by the way
and she's totally into me lol.
She wanted me in her family as soon as possible but I'm still a student and still have 2 years left to complete my degree so we decided on an engagement.
Last night I finally met the guy again as we gathered for dinner and my heart actually fluttered at the sight of his soft smile (OMIGOSHHH IS THIS WHAT THEY CALL LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?!)
so that's why I decide to share this to PC stories.
The engagement party is in two days and we'll be married after two years so I hope you guys can pray for me because
I think I'm so crazily badly in love with this guy who jumped into his car at the sight of wild boar.
Importantly, I'm so eager to get to know him more, my soon-to-be fiancé.
So guys, don't forget to pray for my happiness alright?!

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