Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Apparently it's because of Nam Taehyun's psychological health?
I saw the article on Nate and it looks severe
it looks pretty real
hul.. I wish he gets well soon

Nam Taehyun
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ㅇㅇ |2016.10.12 17:19 신고하기
It makes me think of something Taeyeon said during Healing camp...She said that when she's not promoting, she feels uncomfortable. It made me realize that those famous celebrities we see on broadcast who must feel so lonely and distressed when they're not promoting. As soon as Nam Taehyun debuted, he became such a hot issue so he must be so depressed because they can't promote often. If Winner debuted in any other company, they would be pushed her and there in variety shows and whatnot...As soon as he debuted, there were rumors of him being an iljin and the journalists were all bombarding him with articles ridiculing him because he was paying at a parking...He got that brainless image sticking on him right away and it must've been pressuring him so much. Once he got into acting, articles about him acting with his foot started to pop out and it blew out of proportions... He appeared on Acting school and was crying because he felt guilty that the show got sworn at because of him. Even on PANN, when the fans post articles praising him, it's filled with hate. comments.. Just after 1 year after his debut, he got sent into a vacuum without a reason and got pushed in acting even though I don't know the details. The only part where he was confident was producing music, yet the responses were lukewarm so he must've gotten a lot of stress because of that too. I remember reading articles about him because he was from YG so he looked interesting, but to see him not promoting like that is just sad...It's also sad for the rest of the group...I understand why people are swearing at YG because there's no comeback..I hope they stop hurting themselves and comeback with a positive image fighting Winner!

ㅎ |2016.10.12 17:48 신고하기
Yang Hyunsuk never released any albums he promised and he isn't giving them acting opportunities either. Admist of all, Taehyun is deaf from one ear and he has psychological problems, but he still makes so much effort to connect with the fans. Lately he's been sharing the music he listens to with the fans. I wonder how mad Taehyun must be to not be able to comeback like that, he probably knows how much the fans have been waiting too. He's probably taking everything on him and it's ruining his health. 

ㅇㅇ |2016.10.12 17:50 신고하기
They could've promote the other members meanwhile, but they decided to go on an indefinite suspension... Just let the other members promote, imagine how much worse Taehyun is feeling right now.;

ㅇㅇ |2016.10.12 17:59 신고하기
Yang Hyunsuk that f*cker, he's the one not giving Winner any comebacks, yet he shoves all the responsibility on Taehyun. Of course it's good to give him a break if his health is bad, but he could've just shut up and let him rest peacefully. It's so obvious that he's trying to connect with the fans by sharing his songs on instagram YG doesn't have any considerations, it wouldn't surprise me if the already had psychological problems from his trainee days, 


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