Wednesday, October 12, 2016


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The topic is sensitive, I apologize if it affects or grosses anyone out... Age 25 I'm a married woman who is overwhelmed by a sensitive situation... My situation is that I can't stand my older sister no more... it's because I feel like she wants to live my life...? I don't know how to explain it. But I feel like she does things that I am doing. She got married four months after me, and she had only been dating him for a month. Now she left her job and is going into a career similar to mine, she also rushed to buy a house with her husband after finding out that my husband and I were on the basis of searching for a forever home. What's even worse is this.... I suffered the misfortune of a miscarriage earlier this year... I was completely unaware that I had been pregnant so the case hit me hard because I blame myself for not having been more careful. I did not have the courage to tell anyone besides my husband, my mom, and my older sister because it affected me so much. It still pains me and in a way traumatizes me, just seeing blood has me nauseous and my stomach twisting... Well, a few weeks ago my sister called me crying, like completely in a mess of a state and said she had experienced a miscarriage as well. She asked me to go over to her home because she needed someone to comfort her. Having been through such heartbreak myself I immediately wanted to be there for her and comfort her through this - but when I got to her home she had the entire family and her group of friends there comforting her already. She was even passing around a photo on her phone of her miscarriage and claims to have accidentally flushed it down the toilet... I did not look at the picture because I was not brave enough and my trauma stopped me from doing so. When I sat on her couch I overheard her tell one of her friends about how her miscarriage unfolded and the thing that bothered me is that she told the same exact details of how I told her of mine. Of how she was unaware she was expecting, and the details of what she felt and the description of how it looked. I didn't say anything out of respect, so I was the first to leave her home because I felt extremely uncomfortable. A few days ago I met up with my cousin for lunch and we started talking about my sister's situation. I then confessed to my cousin about what had happened to me and that I was suspicious of my sister's story... my cousin then thought it was very strange and almost too coincidental, so she searched up pictures of miscarriages (it was out of interest so I'm very sorry that she searched up images....) ...and to her dismay, the picture my sister was showing of her miscarriage came up in the search. My cousin looked where the picture originated and it came from an abortion clinic in another country. I immediately broke down. I cannot understand why my sister did this... especially since she would know how affected I am by it and I am disgusted that she used my story to pass off to her friends as hers and even more disgusted that she used a picture of someone else's situation and how cruel she is for using that loss child in the photo to pass off as hers. I don't want to confront her for it. Right now my cousin and I have not told anyone else about this, we feel like it's not right to say anything because the topic is so sensitive.. but how crazy can my sister be? How do I eventually face her? Am I overreacting? Do I have reason to be upset? I'm very torn because I care about my older sister, but I feel like she has no respect for me and my situation. It's almost as if she wanted attention or pity... I just don't understand her intentions.

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