Tuesday, November 8, 2016


First JYP open audition 1st place  2PM Wooyoung
(the 2nd place was Baek Yerin and 3rd place was B2ST Dujun)

Second open audition 1st place Sistar Hyorin

4th open audition 1st place MonstaX Shownu

5th open audition 1st places GOT7  JB and Jinyoung (they were both #1)

6th open audition 1st place BAP Youngjae

7th open audition 1st place Pentagon Hui

9th open audition  1st place IKON Kim Donghyuk
(2nd place was actor Jisoo and 3rd place was IOI Chungha)

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1. Wow you can straight up see the JYP style in them!

2. Hul Hui-nim was from JYP too...

3. To have 2 winners, that's kinda interesting...

4. Woooow that was the start of JJ project....

5. Our Youngjae

6. Wow there was so many instances that the winner didn't end up going to JYP...

7. JYP have good eyes for people but just doesn't know how to debut them 

8. But once they win #1 what do they get?

9. But they all ended up going to other companies... Why don't they let the winners debut??

10. Huiㅠㅠㅠ Hoetaek-ieㅠㅠㅠ


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