Tuesday, March 21, 2017


One of the labels said, "The bathroom is allowed for usage starting from the 'A' group, so the trainees in the lower group have incidents where they can't take care of their basic biological needs. We understand that it's necessary to group the trainees because there are so many of them, but it's unfair for the grades to affect everything.

The food is also becoming a problem. Because the boys get food in order of level, and side dishes are limited - the top tier boys get all the food, while the lower tier boys are left with just rice. 

Another label said, "They're all growing boys, but they're eating just rice without any side dishes. They're not given enough food and they're forced to fight over it. The boys in the lower tier level have to eat and get strength, but they're getting weaker. We're worried this is just making young boys feel defeated."

The boys are also allowed out of the dorms only in order. Because there are so many boys and the lower grades can only leave after everyone in the upper level has left, the lower tier boys wait over 6 hours just to be able to go home. A third label said, "The label can only follow the staff's orders because if we complain, it could be bad for our trainee. Trainees are working so hard just to get their faces out. We're sad that their effort is being twisted."

A fourth label said, "'Produce 101' is a place that fulfills trainees' dreams. We participated without choice so we could get their faces out. But we thought maybe we made a mistake, seeing how they're being treated by rank even outside of broadcast. The program is being run through adult logic, and it may become a program that steals young peoples' dreams."


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1. To discriminate all the way to the washroom is a bit...  

2. What does the production crew know about them? This is about how you treat people as humans, shouldn't you treat everyone the same?

3. To go as far as the toilets and the food is a bit..; Let's respect each other

4. Ah seriously food and stuff that are vital shouldn't be discriminated.... The production crew is too much. Shouldn't they at least have enough food for everyone?

5. Why are they treating the kids like that when it comes to eating, sleeping and going to the washroom tooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  they're pitting them 1VS1 even when they shouldn't

6. What?? That's seriously a caste system...

7. How are they supposed to sleep and get around like that? Even for hygiene and survival stuff, this is too much

8. I get so sad when I get to the cafeteria late and there's no side dishes anymore... If you can't take care of 101 people, then don't cast 101 people...

9. Ah they're going too far

10. Their dignity will drop even lower because of that, you don't need all that to make them feel bad..


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