Monday, May 15, 2017


Lee Daehwi received a huge punch in the face after appearing as the center in Nayana.
He got sworn at because of his overly aggressive attitude and for saying that "there's a reason those kids got picked last" on pretty much all the communities websites
You can definitely see how this rubbed off on his ranking and it's not looking very good

(when you search "Lee Daehwi" on Naver 1. Personality 2. Gay 3. Lee Daehwi 4. Playing with fire 5. Photo)

*Since I was the center right*
That's him before getting sworn at making an appeal to be the center after appraising his group

After he got sworn at for his center controversy, he was avoiding everyone's gaze when they were choosing the new center. Unlike the 1st appraisal when he used to act aggressive for the center, this time he said that he wouldn't want to be the center. He fell from 3rd week 2nd --> 5th week 7th --> 6th week 10th

This is Ahn Hyungseob who used to have very high self confidence and claimed to be the endorphin of the show. He showed a bad reaction when he realized he dropped off the ranking and his associated search terms and articles were all swearing at him so his ranking dropped from 6th in the 5th week to 20th on the 6th week.

After he received the backlash from dropping off the ranking, he apologized publicly for not being able to show his humility

(talking about how he looked down while giving his speech)

1. Past 2. Personality 3. Age 4. Photo 5. Gong Joo Young

Kwon Hyunbin didn't want to practice when it was time to practice and his bad side was broadcast on TV. Even though his results were fairly good, he got so much bashed on that he had to private his IG

He held his head low when they announced his ranking and he dropped again. He also apologized publicly

(another post saying how he looked like he was crying midway when singing a song)

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t/n: whenever "personality" is mentioned it kinda has a bad connotation

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1. There's a reason why some companies refuse to send their trainees there.... The way they do theevil editing is ruining so many people

2. Seriously I feel so bad for all of them.... Daehwi-yah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Seriously Hyunbin-ah... Ah my heart hurts

4.I seriously don't know how people can appraise someone off the few minutes they get per episode... When you look up their pasts, they're all good people but the show is so focused on showing one side of their personality and I hate it... It hurts my heart seeing all those related terms attached to them..

5. I don't think anyone can assess Produce101 trainees' mentality.. For sure the PD is at fault for showing their bad sides but so are the people who decide to judge them based off the show

6. Please cut the evil editing on the trainees please

7. Imagine how the young trainees will get scared by this... This hurts my heart

8. It's such a shameㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Hyungseob-ah Daehwi-yahㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Hyunbin too

9. They're going to get a trauma off this show for sure... They're still so young

10. You can see how everyone are having it so hard..


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