Friday, May 26, 2017


Article talks about Astro's comeback that will determine whether the group as a whole will finally gain recognition and how Cha Eunwoo does all the promotions and is known for being the "face genius" in order to earn recognition for Astro as a group.

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1. [+1583, -87]
Pushing only one person all the time never ends well... Miss A, 4minute...

2. [+1088, -57]
Please stop pushing Cha Eunwoo and push the other members too;;

3. [+905, -54]
Stop making Cha Eunwoo stand out of the lot and let's start building interest around other members too. If not this group will disappear in smokes

4. [+738, -49]
Specialty of singer groups: they must focus only on 1~2 members.. then they disband...after those 1~2 people will start hitting big while the rest just become unknown

5. [+598, -141]
Those comments telling them to stop pushing Cha Eunwoo are so funny. It's because of Cha Eunwoo that a group like Astro is even known no? I hope their 4th album promotions will hit daebak. Astro fighting, Cha Eunwoo fighting

6. [+47, -4]
Cha Eunwoo isn't even grateful to be called "Face genius";; Eunwoo actually doesn't like being called that way and he said that he found it so so. People are swearing at him for words that he didn't even come up with 

7. [+36, -3]
People who read this article title would think that it's trying to swear at the members. Titles like those are so twisted

8. [+36, -3]
I'm another group's fan but Astro fighting!!! Let's hit daebak with this album!!! Their songs are seriously good (I can't stop listening to Breathless)


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