Wednesday, July 5, 2017


"Glamorous temptation" Nam Joohyuk, debuted as a model, but the limits of his acting get in the way "a shame"

Mermaid princess - main
Who are you, School 2015 - main
Glamorous temptation - main's younger version
Cheese in the trap - main
Moon lovers - main
Weightlifting fairy - main

And right now, he just started "The bride of Habaek" 2017

"The bride of Habaek" Nam Joohyuk's Habaek, a new realm of crappy acting?,, "harsh criticism from episode 1"

Nam Joohyuk's acting position, criticized as being "The male Sung Yuri", it's this bad

He's Nam Joohyuk (model, talent)
agency: YG

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1. Nam Joohyuk and Ahn Jaehyun are the 2 tops...Kim Youngkwang is seriously not that bad but he gets sworn at the most

2. I click on this post thinking about Nam Joohyukㅋㅋ

3. It's because he's an eye candy.... And it's not like he's bad to the point I can't focus on the plotㅠㅠ 

4. I wonder what your intentions were by writing YG at the end..

5. I think Nam Joohyuk would suit dramas that are more daily life? He would never gotten into any controversies if he only acted in dramas like CITT or Weighlifting fairy

6. I thought that he improved a lot in Bride of Habaek, but the articles...

7. I think his image of a bad actor is the problem

8. I noticed him in Who are you and his pronunciation is the problem, also he can't control his facial expressions, I just can't get immersed in the plot

9. He suits acting roles that are simple like in Bokjoo... But he can't act deep roles

10. Seriously he has his good acting days and bad acting days...But one thing is that acting isn't his talent, most idols can pull off the daily life roles as well as he does


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