Friday, August 4, 2017


Lee Jungjae and Lim Seryung (board member at Daesang group) officially revealed their relationship back in 2014.
Back then, people were speculating about the possibility of marriage, but the two of them clarified that they were only lovers.

 (Reaction order: I like it, it's warm, it's sad, it makes me mad, I want a follow up)

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1. [+16,202, -271]
Everyone know that they are dating already, just leave them alone

2. [+9,954, -212]
Weren't they dating since a long time ago though?ㅋ Looks like they aren't getting married and are only dating ㅎ they are old already and they could feel more at peace tooㅋㅋ

3. [+9,028, -230]
Ohㅋㅋ But Dispatch-yah, the two of them are already dating so just leave them alone. Why would you guys follow them around like that? I'm not even curious about them

4. [+5825, -115]
It's been a while that they've been seeing each other, their styles are still the same

5. [+3,130, -256]
This fell so flat

6. [+1,355, -41]
Dispatch-yah, do you know that stalking people secretly like that is an awful thing to do? Please go follow someone from the National Assembly instead and enlighten us a bit about how these trash live their lives. It would be better. Please stop following people on dates

7. [+837, -59]
Lee Jungjae is a male actor... if he ends up getting married, it'll be daebak

8. [+1,184, -169]
If you look at Lee Jungjae, he's such a big opportunist who's craving for success. There were a lot of talks about his relationship with the designer who debuted him. He's always pursuing power. His acting used to be so-so and even now, he's only been sticking to those try-hard roles but that's pretty much it


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