Thursday, November 30, 2017


Since tomorrow is the last sales day of Pyeongchang's long padding coat
people are lining up wow

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1. Do they need to line up like this just to buy something...

2. It's so sad that they would do this just for trend...

3. If you see it like that, you realize that long padding is indeed the trend right now

4. Those people want to buy it, just leave them, why do we have to judge?

5. If they want to get it, let them be... Later on, I'm sure it'll become a good memory for them

6. They got their bang for the buckㄷㄷ Makes me want to buy too

7. My friend owns one, it's super pretty and quite cheap too, but way too heavy

8. Wow... They create such a mess just to buy one.. If I got one, I'll be a bit embarrassed to wear it...


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