Thursday, November 30, 2017


That's the image that is most familiar for us but
Netizens have been paying attention to his rapid growth lately,
I realized that he's actually 23 years old now. He just finished serving in the army now

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1. Oh he looks warm

2. Ohhh he really looks matured

3. Hul before going to the army, he already grew so much, but now that he came back, he looks young again..

4. Wow he really grew a lot, he's quite handsome, he was handsome before too, but he looked more like a baby, but now that feeling is completely goneㅜㅜ He grew up wellㅜㅜ

5. His face is completely changed???? He's becoming cooler

6. Hul... I always thought he grew a lot already, but now he's becoming warmer looking...

7. His face is so tiny!!

8. Ohhh It's stuff like this that makes me realize that time flies...

9. Why are all child actors' faces so small... boohoo... So envious

10. 23 years old?????????????????


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