Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hyuna's licking scene

Omo                 Ah...Wow  *stops*  Hul >0<    ^_^   *Opens mouth*

Showing off her breats

(imitating) burst out laughing *ㅋㅋㅋ* *speechless* *...* *burst out laughing*

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1. Why do I always feel like Yeri should watch her behaviors more

2. I know that Yeri must've felt embarrassed so she started laughing but... She should be more careful with her actions

3. I wasn't there so I wouldn't know... But isn't it supposed to be a provocative stage? Why is Irene who didn't react at all being praised the most here? I don't understand..
 > I have to agree with you, I don't know what's cool about not reacting to other singers' performances... And then Yeri and Joy are the ones being cursed at

4. Right now, most Hyuna's fans are being kinda insulted with their reactions...

5. Gfriend's reactions are quite cute though...

6. I really like Hyunaㅜㅜ  Seeing their reactions kinda make me upset... Do you know how hard Hyuna worked to come up with that performanceㅠㅠ .. It looks like they're trying to ridicule her.. It was just supposed to be a stage that brings energy to peopleㅜㅜ I hope Hyuna won't get hurt from this...

7. It's the point of her choreography, for them to copy her and mock her is making me feel so bad, imagine you working so hard to perform on your stage just for your friends to ridicule and mock you after by copying you, you'd feel bad too

8. This is just a lack of manners... What's funnier is that RV aren't even known to be the best with their performance among girl groups
 > Why are you bringing up RV's performances in this?

9. I don't think she was embarrassed, she was definitely laughing at her

10. I don't think what Irene did was problematic at all, why are people cursing at her?


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