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[pannchoa] TRENDING ON PANN DEC 2017

Hello PC-tizens~
2017 is already over! Another year filled with roller coaster feelings on PANN just passed 😜
Once again, for those who are new to this blog, WELCOME!
This post has became a yearly tradition since we started our blog.
VERY IMPORTANT, keep in mind that this is based on our personal opinion of the things we see on PANN, we don't translate 100% of PANN posts because:
1. it gets repetitive
2. we have a life outside too
So this post might come as a shock for people who don't use the original version on PANN 😅
VERY IMPORTANT #2! We will address some touchy topics such as hate on PANN, so please take this with a grain of salt and keep it clean in the comment section please!

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NOT in particular order


Wanna One/Produce 101

Image result for Wanna One gif

Yes, we saw and acknowledge people calling us out for being PANNCHOA101 and PRODUCECHOA, but we REALLY couldn't help it! Produce 101 literally invaded PANN for the whole time this show was airing, it did considerably better than the first season even we were shocked at the amount of posts Knets were posting about them. And naturally once they've debuted, those posts have translated into more posts about Wanna One~


Image result for exo ot9 gif
This might not even come as a surprise anymore, but YES EXO, not only the group but their fandom is trending every week on PANN. They blink and an article is born. 
Whether for the best or for the worst, we personally think that they were the ones who set the trend of "hate = success" on PANN, the more fuss "trolls" on PANN create, the more you know they're relevant. Their fandom is nonetheless one of the most powerful on PANN! People mostly talk about their comebacks, performances and visuals~


Image result for bts gif

BTS is most likely the group who grew the biggest this year. Just like EXO, they trend ALL THE TIME, so much that we have to do dump articles with them. They broke a lot of records this year so maybe that explains their growing popularity on PANN. (Off topic) For those haven't caught up with PANN's mentality, in a nutshell: on the verge of hitting big = hate, doing well = less hate, doing super well = hate again (generalized, but that's a very common pattern :P). Most of the talks have to do with their international fame, good skills and performances~

Those 3 groups are just BEYOND popular on PANN, it's almost delusional to think that we'll go one day without a trending post about one of them :P



Image result for Seventeen gif

Seventeen should probably be in the "top trending boy groups" category but EXO-BTS-Wanna One's combination is too much of a wall now (NOT SAYING Seventeen is doing bad in any way!). Seventeen has done really well this year and their fandom is really good at marketing them positively? Trolls haven't really caught up on them, hence why we believe that there's still place to grow (once again, sadly PANN hate = fame...). They've gained a lot of recognition for their self-produced image!


Image result for nuest w gif

Nu'est as a group has gotten a huge spotlight on Produce 101 and Nu'est W's promotions have received a lot of positive reactions and good results. Pledis boy groups have overall received a lot of positive attention this year. Nu'est's fans have practically all migrated to the fan-talk section of PANN so there are less "trending posts" about them, but it doesn't mean they're "less relevant", it just means that their fans rather stick to the fan-talk section~ We'll see if this trend will be maintained for next year!


Image result for winner kpop gif

The only thing that's stopping them from becoming more relevant on PANN is MORE PROMOTIONS! Hopefully YG will give them more next year~ Their fans was nonetheless able to maintain their popularity on PANN with only 2 promotions, by either talking about their digital strength or just funny anecdotes, what's surprising about Winner is that their image has always been very positive (Them and BTOB are probably the groups who get the least dragged on PANN) 



Image result for twice gif

Being a male idols-centric platform, Twice is one of the rare female group that is still surviving by trending on PANN most of the time~ Their individual members are also starting to get more and more recognition aside from being recognized as a group. Their visuals are the things that get mentioned the most!

Red Velvet

Image result for Red velvet gif

Red Velvet's songs have received increasing attention this year for their quality! Their members also have been the talk all year long! The recognition they've gained has been overall really positive too, a lot of muggles also seem to enjoy them on PANN~



Image result for BlackPink gif

Similar to Winner, all that's missing for them is more promotions! Knets are super interested in them, but they have not much to "fangirl" on due to the lack of promotions :S

Girl groups are really not that strong on PANN, the big 3 stand out the most and the rest are pretty divided like: Gfriend, Apink, Lovelyz, etc. 


Kang Daniel

Image result for kang daniel gif

Pretty sure everyone was expecting this. He trended everywhere, on Naver, instiz, PANN, Nate, etc. EVERYWHERE! He's #1 on everything that has to do with voting so yeah, we'll spare you the long explanation~


Image result for taehyung gif

PANN netizens mention him most often when it comes to male idols visuals, we're not too sure who the "official" visual of BTS is, but on PANN, it's undeniably V. He also receives a lot of recognition for his stage conduct and how he leads the performance!


Image result for Suho gif 2017

Suho's reputation on PANN is really positive, from the opinion knets have about his visuals to his etiquette, he gets a fair amount of attention even on posts that are not directly addressed to him (ie. name a good leader/good visual/etc.)!


Kim Jonghyun

Related image

Him getting cut from Wanna One's final lineup gave him a considerable amount of attention and support, so much that he got cast on a bunch of shows and his popularity is increasing especially in the fan-talk section of PANN (along with his group!). 

Cha Eunwoo

Image result for cha eunwoo gif

Similar to YG idols, he's lacking a lot of promotions, but he pulls his weight when people mention male idols visuals~ International fans might not understand his hype, but Knets hype him every time he makes a public appearance! 



Related image

Irene is always mentioned as a top girl group visuals. Joy has also gained a lot of recognition for her visuals this year, but Irene is still the top for PANN netizens~ People also like her for her kind personality and for living up to her ending fairy title all the time~


Image result for suzy gif 2016

From her solo to her drama to her pictorials and her public appearances, people mention her all the time bringing up her hard work and visuals~ Miss A's unfortunate disbandment has also brought her a considerable amount of talks. 


Image result for taeyeon 2017 gif

Knets love to talk about her singing ability and digital strength on PANN~ Her controversy has received some attention, but not enough for knets to stop liking and hyping her, which really surprised us (they brushed it off very quickly!)


Image result for IU gif

Her drama and songs were thoroughly covered on PANN this year, and she was probably the female singer who stood out the most of the year end award shows! 



Image result for Nayeon gif

Knets seem to have a more and more positive opinion about her on PANN and she's starting to have a really strong core fandom posting about her too! Tzuyu and Sana were the ones who got the most attention last year, but this year it was definitely Nayeon!


1. There are no upvotes at all/this post isn't trending, why are you translating?
When it comes to kpop related posts, we only take them from those places:
- "Real time best": found directly in enter-talk, those are real time top 10 trending posts, it doesn't really change by the hour even though it's supposed to be "real time", it really only changes every 5-8 hours, so there's a lag between the time the post is made and the time it "trends" it doesn't mean that the topic is not trending!
- "Daily best" : found directly in enter-talk, those are the ones that have the most upvotes with 500-2000 upvotes, they only update every 24 hours. This section also has a top 10 posts but they usually date from the day before (hence why more upvotes/likes).
- "Talkers' choice" : this one is the one we use the most often. They are probably more representative of the "real time" top trending posts than the ones on "Real time best" from enter-talk since it aggregates all the posts found on PANN. Within "Talker's choice", we can opt for "teen stories and entertainment" which makes our job easier since it filters all other sections and only keep the real time trending posts from teen stories and enter-talk. This section also updates every second!
THIS BEING SAID, the reason why you see posts with 80~100 likes is because they're real-time trending, meaning they have not made it to the "Real time best" (which refreshes every 5-8 hours) or "Daily best" (which refreshes every day) but they are actually the "CURRENTLY" trending posts at the time when we visit PANN. Hopefully it was clearly explained and this enlightens some of you guys! Most of these 80-100 likes posts usually turn into "Daily best" or "Real time best" after a few hours or a day, but since we live in Canada (because of the time difference), we usually find those posts when they're just "right out of the oven" and currently trending and not "already trending for hours" (which by the time we translate, either the news is already old or some other websites have covered it! So please forgive us for translating it ahead of time! ^^) We like to be transparent with you guys so hope this helps!

2. Why do you translate this negative article about XYZ? It's not even trending, are you an anti?
- No, refer to what we wrote in question #1 :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

-PC admin


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