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She’s been my friend for 7 years now.
First of all, I’m 19 y.o. and I dropped out from school.
Our mom doesn’t stay at our place and I and my dongsaeng don’t have jobs.
We live with our dad who has diabetes, liver cancer and a fractured rib cage and shoulder.
My friend knows that we live the 3 of us together like this.
Furthermore, we are 4 months late on our rent payment . if we don’t pay our 500,000 won (~460 USD) rent by March, they will kick us out. My friend knows all of this too.
Since I’m running out of money, every day at dawn, I go pick up bottles and boxes in secret and go borrow money.
I used to work part time by picking up trash and I used to deliver newspaper too. My friend knows all of this.
Every day, my friend she would ka-talk me saying how she doesn’t work and she received allowance money from her unnie and oppa. She said that she received 100,000 won (~92 USD) and so and so.
If I just read her texts and don’t reply her or if I’m at my part time work, she would call me and be like “why aren’t you answering me?”. I’m so depressed. Currently, my dad’s medical fees alone cost us 7,000,000 won (~6,500 USD). We have no money to afford my dongsaeng’s school uniform either. Since it’s the new semester, I want to buy her new stuffs like a new bag.
I want to live without lacking anything too but my friend would receive allowance money every week and brag about it. I’m so mad but I’m so jealous and resentful of her at the same time.
I seriously wanna die
Sometimes, when she receives allowance money, she would call me out to buy me food too but when I go out with her, she would start bragging about her money again and say things like “I’ll receive even more moneyㅎㅎㅎ
Seriously, I just want to destroy everything

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ㅇㅇ |2018.02.28 12:41 신고하기
OP-yah, go to the government office and try asking for financial aid. Even if you just receive enough to cover your basic expenses, it’s still gonna be a little over 500,000 won per month. You might even be able to receive money for your dad’s medical expenses and for your dongsaeng’s uniform fees. If you’re eligible to obtain the Culture Nuri Card (T/n: a card issued to lower income families for people to receive support paying educational, transportation, accommodation and recreational fees), you can even have one per family member. You can get up to 70,000 won per year. You can use that to purchase your dongsaeng’s textbooks. Looking at your current condition, OP must have been having it so hard. So please go to the government office and try to get as much as possible. Please don’t stick to people like your friend in the future. I hope that you can live on while loving yourself!

ㅇ |2018.02.28 09:26 신고하기
What’s up with that friend… I bet that she has no other friends than you.

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.28 12:45 신고하기
Don’t associate yourself with her

ㅇㅇ |2018.02.28 12:32 신고하기
OP-yah, go to the government office and try getting financial support. There’s nothing shameful about it. Eat warm food and don’t overwork. These are only tax money from other adults


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