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T/N: sorry for the influx of Wanna One posts today. They’ve been basically EVERYWHERE on Pann ever since their “controversy” >< Hope that you guys don’t mind it!
During P101, the malicious posts about Kang Daniel started to appear.
People were saying things like how he dropped out of school, how he was an iljin, etc. They made up rumors about his personality and his family. They said things like how he lives overseas and how he was supposedly adopted.
One of his close acquaintance who couldn’t endure this anymore wrote this post anonymously for him (see below).
But everyone was accusing his acquaintance for being a fake and was all cursing at him.

In the end, the curses about Daniel being a dirty spoon (T/N: opposite of silver spoon) and about his family background doubled.
“About Daniel’s past
Some days ago I saw a weird post on Instiz written by someone who claims to have heard something about him (Daniel). I went to the same elementary and middle school as him and also attended the same academy. I was a friend of his from the same district, and he lived 2 blocks away from my house.
The church that Daniel went to was right next to my house and is called XX-church.
His dad and mom are divorced and he’s only living with his mom.
In elementary school, he was pretty chubby so the girls would ostracize him. Because people were calling him ugly, he started exercising like a maniac during middle school.
When he was in his 2nd year of middle school, he joined a b-boy crew.
Even though he got harassed by others, his personality isn’t the type to harass other people in return. He was just someone who exercised and slept a lot at school.
When he woke up, he would come to me to borrow my gym clothes.
During lunch, he would go to the auditorium to practice and I went there to watch him.
Also the most important thing was that the thing that he hated the most were iljins.
Because of the iljins, he always said how once he wrote his GED test, he would want to go live in Canada.
I think that the reason why he dropped out of high school was because the tuition was too expensive.
After he left for school for his high school, I  didn’t really keep in touch with him but he came back to Busan in his early 20’s. He brought me food and I went to send him off when he went to take the KTX back to Seoul. That was the last time I saw him.
Afterwards, I saw him for the first time in P101 2 years later.
I was so dumfounded when I saw those rumors about him around. He’s a kid that’s so nice to the point of being f*cking dumb.
When I see his articles from time to time, it makes me proud.
I seriously hope that everything works out for him.
Thank you for everyone who likes Daniel.”
Then, yesterday on Radio Star, he was talking about all the rumors and they were all related to the hateful comments that he received back then.
Also, the content written by his acquaintance were all true.
Furthermore, he didn’t try to justify himself or anything. He just talked about all of it naturally and with a smile.
Rumor 1. Kang Daniel’s foreigner rumor
Daniel: My previous name was actually Kang Euigeon. I looked into the bible closely before changing my name.

Rumor 2. Kang Daniel’s dropping out of school rumor
Daniel: My mom and dad, when I was young… got a divorce… because the tuition was too expensive, I had to drop out. I thought “there must be a path that’s made only for me”. After debuting as a singer, I enrolled into a cyber university.”
Now, the rumors about Daniel are as numerous as ever.
However, when clarifications get posted, people are just telling us to go to fan-talk.

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ㅇㅇ |2018.03.22 10:22 신고하기
Every time that I see this, I start thinking about how his haters wrote about how he was a dirty spoon because he was from a single-parent household… his haters really have no logic

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.22 10:34 신고하기
Just thinking about her his antis were talking about his single-parent household and how they were saying that the situation in his family wasn’t good just makes me so dumbfounded.. is being from a single-parent household something that you should be ashamed of? He talked about the situation so boldly..

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.22 10:21 신고하기
They are cursing at him saying how he’s a dirty spoon? Isn’t that too much? I seriously can’t believe this..

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.22 16:28 신고하기
I seriously am not someone who likes him nor do I hate him but when I watched his appearance on Radio Star yesterday, I saw how he talked about everything boldly. He talked about how his parents got a divorce and that he didn’t live with his dad anymore. He also said that he was proud to be able to send money to his dad. He looks so angelic and also he seems to have a high self-esteem. It somehow made me want to learn from him

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.22 10:21 신고하기
It was so unexpected how he talked about his parents on Radio Star yesterday. Everything that was said before about him was right. I bet that the keyboard warriors are speechless now.



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