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I was scared that people would accuse me of shielding him so I wasn’t gonna upload this video but the curses are beyond the acceptable point now  and there are so many people making up rumors about his “bad personality” that I had to write this post. Link here
The above video was uploaded when Park Jihoon was already missing a lot of classes because of his schedule. This video was taken by his classmates (3rd year, 2nd class) and his homeroom teacher (3rd year). They all got together to congratulate him, saying how he worked hard and that he went through a lot of hardship. It was a video posted on YouTube.
If his personality was this bad, do you think that his classmates would even put up a video showing their faces on YouTube and talking about him like that? Even his homeroom teacher showed up. Do you really think that they would support him in a video like that??
Only 2 months ago (in February), when Park Jihoon graduated and went to receive his diploma, the kids in his class were even singing Nayana and kept on shouting his nameㅇㅇ
In conclusion, Park Jihoon didn’t curse at all in the video. Even when people went through his old Facebook Ask (?), they couldn’t find any swears. Even words like ‘f*ck (ㅅㅂ)’ or ‘f*cking (ㅈㄴ)’ who are so trendy among kids were never used.
The people who knew him directly uploaded a cheering video of him like that while people who have never seen him in real life are writing things like “this kid always seems to have a bad personality”. Isn’t the first one more reliable?
People who are saying that Park Jihoon did nothing wrong are not trying to shield him blindly. At first, I wasn’t gonna write anything but there were so many rumors about him spewing left and right that made no sense. However, the YouTube video, the people cheering for him at his graduation, the pictures he took with the other students are all facts.
Meanwhile, the people on Pann who are writing things like “Park Jihoon is 2-faced”, “he’s different on the inside”, “he’s a b*tch” or “when he does aegyo, he’s cursing inside of him” have no proofs at all.. seeing his bashing posts in the featured posts made me want to clarify this.

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ㅇㅇ |2018.03.21 22:58 신고하기
I’m tired of seeing posts bashing Wanna One in the main page. I’m a fan of another group but isn’t what OP said all true? She’s not even trying to shield him?? I find it disgusting how people are still swearing at him over facts like these. After watching the video, I can tell that Park Jihoon behaved well at school

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.21 23:24 신고하기
People always say how Park Jihoon had an eventful past but every time his past gets revealed, there was never any issue with it. I was so shocked at how clean his past is. Even the people who performed with him are supporting him. Just think a bit logically about this situation

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.21 23:03 신고하기
I agree. There are so many posts about Wanna One right now. There are even more posts bashing them than posts shielding them, and I hate seeing that ㅇㅇ Wanna One made a mistake, but I don’t think that their mistake was deserving of so much backlash. But am I the only one who got surprised that his Facebook Ask has no swear at all?ㅋㅋㅋ

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.21 23:04 신고하기
I think that people who are going overboard with the bashing are the issue now. There are so many posts about Wanna One on Pann right nowㅇㅇ

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.21 23:28 신고하기
Even when you went through his Facebook Ask, he never used the word ‘f*cking’ even though the word is so commonly used among male high schoolers. I got goosebumps over all the rumors that were made about Park Jihoon following their incident. It makes me want to support him even more


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