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I’m not attending the SKY universities but I’m attending one that’s well-known enough among people in Seoul. I’ve been preparing for the exam of this university restlessly for 3 years so once I knew that I got in, I went in with a peaceful mind. I’m seriously having a reality check because of the Korean students who lived overseas and came here because of how annoying they are. Just because they met the right parents, they studies without a sweat overseas and easily got into a Korean university. Anyone who was born and studied in Korea would know just how hard it is to get into an university in Korea. Also, these kids would gather among themselves and speak in English so when I just am alone by myself. The teachers also seem to show favoritism to these foreign students (since they lived overseas and are good at English) f*ck, I’m so annoyed.

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ㅇㅇ |2018.03.16 20:01 신고하기
Yah, but it’s true that if you studied overseas, getting into a Korean university is a piece of cake, while it’s so hard for Koreans living in Korea. I get that there are things that were difficult for them too but do they have late night classes? Do they need to go to the academy until 10 PM? Also, the standards when it comes to evaluating people are just different.  Here, even someone who has full marks on their entrance exams will find it hard to get accepted to Seoul University. Does it make sense to you that someone gets accepted to Seoul University just because they lived overseas for 12 years? I know that it’s becoming harder even for foreign students to get into Korean universities now but even so, you still can’t deny that it’s easier for a transfer student to get into one than a Korean living here.

ㅋㅋ |2018.03.16 19:27 신고하기
You know it’s true that foreign students get into Korean universities easier than us. No matter how hard they say they had it, it cannot equal to the stress that we accumulated here throughout high school. I’ve seen a few foreign students at my university and they were only good in English but sucked in other classes.

ㅇㅇ |2018.03.16 10:25 신고하기
They went through hardships that you don’t know about either so how can you know that they had it easy?

ㅇ |2018.03.16 13:36 신고하기
There’s a kid like that in our school too. She’s a model student who ranked 6th and she’s a foreigner and she got into Seogang University but she doesn’t know how to speak one word of English. She just used to sleep for the whole day during high school. The teachers would tell her “what will we do with a kid like you?” but she said that she had her own ways of getting into an university and that they shouldn’t worry about her. So in the end, she went to Seogang. Her unnie also got into a prestigious university just because she studied abroad
ㅇㅇ |2018.03.16 22:20 신고하기
I hate those bast*rds who could make it to Seoul University the most.. I’m going through so much hardships but they just…


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