Tuesday, April 10, 2018


“The decrease in the time spent no Facebook”
From 2017/April to 2018/March

original post:

1. They are not SNS but I use Instiz and Twitter much more…

2. If you use Instiz and Twitter, you’ll realize that there are just so much more information on it. It’s a lot more interesting too.

3. I seriously started using FB less and less. Instiz is so much more entertaining to use. Also the ads on Facebook are hopeless

4. Instiz isn’t an SNS but I go on it once in the morning, once at lunch and once before sleeping. Whereas for Facebook and Twitter, I just go once before sleeping.

5. I use Twitter and Instagram.. Facebook is just for those who have a TMI party, so I don’t go on it…

6. Nowadays, teens are on Facebook while people in their 20’s switched to Instagram

7. Instiz and Facebook for me

8. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I go on them all but nowadays, I don’t use Facebook much

9. Instiz, Twitter and Insta for me

10. I just use Instiz and Katalk


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