Tuesday, April 17, 2018


YG 신인 남그룹 5인조 빅뱅 공개 | 인스티즈

YG 신인 남그룹 5인조 빅뱅 공개 | 인스티즈
"I feel like they should rather call themselves Screwed-Bang...They don't live up to Bigbang..."

"Hyunsuk ssi what are you going to do, they'll obviously fail, look at their faces, they won't go anywhere with those faces"

"Even so....;; they should aim to follow SS501 or TVXQ or SUJU;; Their faces are so so LOL"

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1. And they rose from the floor with Lies;;;

2. Wow they wanted to go with the tough look with their debut picture...But it looks like a family portrait

3. I feel like they could hit really big in the future. And they seem like they'd do well solo. And that friend with the white cap kinda suits Min Hyorin

4. That friend with the dark circles, I bet he's good doing business

5. I feel like Lies could do well

6. They will probably release a song called Lies and another one Haru Haru

7. That one guy seems like the type who could write a song called "Crooked"

8. They walked the flower path in the end

9. That guy in the middle, I bet his business would hit daebak


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