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I’m sorry for venting here.
It’s just like the title says,  my friend keeps praising my boyfriend after she saw him (she saw him once)..
At first, I felt happy but when I meet her now, she always says things like “your boyfriend is so good at talking, he’s so reliable..” and stuffs like that..
But then, she suddenly started saying how my boyfriend was her ideal type.
I think that this is not really the right thing to say.
She didn’t say this kind of things only once but she said it 3 times already…
How am I supposed to react?
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ㅡ |2018.04.27 08:26 신고하기
It's either she thinks you're easy or that she's not thinking about anything in particular. You’ll be able to tell seeing how she normally behaves.

ㅇ |2018.04.27 12:05 신고하기
I understand her praising your boyfriend but she shouldn’t go as far as saying that your boyfriend is her ideal type

남자 음 |2018.04.27 12:16 신고하기
This is a complex and delicate situation (this is simply my opinion so please don’t judge me). I’ve met people who were similar to OP’s friend… At first, they just start saying things like “your boyfriend is my ideal type” frequently, but then once it gets worse, she will start comparing herself to OP. she would think “ah… if OP was able to meet a guy like him, why can’t I?” and then she will start feeling inferior to OP. Even though her friend is doing better than OP, she would still feel like that (of course, I don’t know who’s doing better between OP and her fried). She will then start feeling so jealous that OP has met a boyfriend like him. Later she would always want to bash and talk bad about OP to the friends around them so that she can feel better about herself. And then, the relationship between OP and her friend will become uncomfortable. The worse thing that could happen if all of this gets worse is that if OP’s friend and her boyfriend meet again, she would start half-jokingly/half-seriously bash OP and act like a fox in front of her boyfriend. Since guys are bad at picking up things like that, she will just continue to provoke OP. I’m not saying that this will definitely happen but I’ve seen a case like this happening, so please take this into consideration.

긍정긍정 |2018.04.27 13:41 신고하기
Please never make room for her and your boyfriend to meet. I work at a company where there are a lot of female employees and I’ve seen cases where close friends would still their friends’ boyfriend. I’ve even seen cases like that where the couple were already married. Please be careful!

ㅇㅈ |2018.04.27 11:12 신고하기
Your friend looks like a crazy b*tch. If she had a brain, she wouldn’t say things like this even though she found your boyfriend attractive. Is she the type of person who would copy your clothes, goods and style on a normal basis?


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