Friday, April 6, 2018


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My older sister is in Uni and I'm a couple years younger than her.
She's always been really pretty but honestly her personality is a hit or miss, so boys in high school never really liked her because they thought she was mean.

Recently though, my sister has gotten suuuper pretty and a lot of boys from her uni keep hitting her up on SNS, but she doesn't have time for relationships so she's keeping them around like an aquarium.

A lot of people used to say that we look alike but not anymore because I got kind of ugly and my sister got really really pretty.
Also, now my friends come over they're all amazed at how pretty my sister is and ask me what happened to me and it gets my blood boiling because it feels like they're looking down on me.

I get really upset when my sister complains about being ugly too and honestly this has caused some awkwardness in my relationship with my sister....

I also want to be pretty like my sister and I want boys to notice me too but I don't know what to do. :(

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