Wednesday, May 30, 2018


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Hello, I’m in my twenties now and I’ve listen to Korean music since high school. I live in South East Asia and the people in my country is quite close minded in my opinion. So throughout the years, people around me would somehow ‘judge’ me just because I listen to music from a different language. Actually no, when it’s K-Pop they would totally feel like it’s something really bad or my standard has fallen because I like K-Pop??? Like if I say for example ‘oh I listen to One Direction’ or any English boy band they would just ‘oh, cool’. But once they found out that I enjoy listening to Korean music, they will always say ‘oh my god, you like gay-looking guys???’ ‘you like guys wearing make-up? euwww’ I used to defend myself when my friends say something like that but later on I get tired because they would never accept anything about K-Pop. Because to them K-Pop is wrong, it’s gay, if you like them then you are not my friends lol. I would just ignore it, I don’t want to take into account what they said because if I do care then it will only hurt me more. It’s up to them to say/judge whatever they want. But now I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was my birthday last week and so many people wish me. One of them is my closest friends. She wrote a really long text for me and I was really happy reading it but then it came to this part: “I’m glad that we understand each other so well even tho you like K-Pop haha.” and I was honestly dumbfounded and hurt because what is she trying to say??? although I was hurt I still thank her for the wishes with a smile and heart emojis. another one of my friends also wished me a very happy birthday and then out of nowhere she starts to talk about K-Pop. “...haha I’m so glad that I’m not into K-Pop like you lol. If not I would be obsessive over girly looking boys..” what??? are you even my friend? I don’t know about you guys but I feel hurt because to me, they are judging about my preferences. I’m okay with any music they listen to, I never say bad things about the musician they like. Not just my best friends, the people around me actually say does things to me. I’m still glad that I do have many friends who also enjoy listening to BTS and all. BTS especially helps me to overcome my problems, they are a part of my happiness. So when my friends wish me for a long lifetime happiness during my birthday but at the same time they insult a piece of my happiness, I’m not sure if they are my friends anymore. I don’t see the problem of listening to something from a different language??? I mean it’s just K-Pop hello??? Why would you judge a person just because he/she listens to other languages lol. And to add, my country is not an English-speaking country, so English is technically a foreign language to us too so they are also listening music from a different language lmao. The double standards. Stop the stereotype, spread love instead :) Love yourself, love myself, peace!

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