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Title: Wanna One in the featured posts

"There are so many business postsㅋㅋㅋㅋ
You guys want them to disband and are writing business post as fans of individual members?
What's strange about them is that I've never seen a business post made by an all-fan (T/N: fan of all members)ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

I'm writing this post in response to the one above

There were 11 trainees who debuted following Produce 101 S2

They were named Wanna One on 2017/06/16 and became one team

They performed their 1st show case at the Gocheok Dome on 2017/08/7

And started with their debut track, Energetic

To Beautiful

To Boomerang

To Light

To fan meetings

To their solo concert

For less than 1 year, they were running forward without rest

And gathered a lot of good results.

They are currently in the midst of their world tour

There are only a few months left for Wanna One from now on
I really hope that both the fans and Wanna One continue to run forward without any regrets
Let's not always talk about disbandment
Cut down on the hate posts, can we just make it easy for Wanna One as a whole?
Also, if we stop writing hate posts, the business posts about individual members will also stop.
I know that when you see your bias getting mentioned on Enter-talk, you have the impulse to say something back, but if you don't want to see it, you can just choose not to click on it
Let's not ask each other to go to Fan-talk either.
Even before their debut, there were so many hate posts that ever since Energetic, the people have left Fan-talkㅋㅋ
I hope that there will be more posts for the whole group

And lastly, this was written by Wanna One Go's PD to each member (cr. Soompi)

Thank you Kang Daniel
“He’s the first member that comes to mind. Kang Daniel is very broad-minded, cheerful, and fun. He kind of has a gruff but warm personality like when he didn’t eat the lunch and brought it to the staff. There are many parts to him that are touching. He says things as if he’s not paying attention, but has the kind of personality where he takes care of others. He’s that way to all of the members.

Thank you Yoon Jisung
“Ji Sung really is Wanna One’s mom. He takes care of all of the 10 members and also thinks about the formation of the shoot. The members film comfortably, but he pays a lot of attention to if they’re doing a good job. I feel sorry for him but am also thankful. When the younger members are tired, he energizes the others. It all shows on broadcast, so he pays a lot of attention and he’s a leader that I’m personally grateful to.”

Thank you Park Woojin
“Woo Jin is a member I want as a younger brother. He’s a strong character and is a member who is most similar to someone his age. But the plot twist is that he’s different on stage. When we edit, he’s the funniest and most realistic member, but I get chills when we sometimes insert performance clips. Did he have this side to him? Haha”

Thank you Kim Jaehwan
“He’s a member who’s vocally appealing and is acknowledged for it, but is also clumsy and innocent. He’s close with the members and is easygoing. His vocals are professional, but he also has an unexpected charm and is a member that the staff also like a lot.”

Thank you Ong Seongwu
“He’s a very gentleman-like member who is well-mannered and was raised well. He’s very thoughtful and says himself that he received a lot of love growing up. I think he’s thoughtful and affectionate because he grew up that way. More than anything, he was born to be a celebrity. He’s really handsome.”

Thank you Hwang Minhyun
“Perhaps it’s because he promoted for a long time in NU’EST and had a long period of time where he wasn’t well-known, but he’s the most comfortable member to work with when we’re filming. He has a lot of broadcast experience, so he knows the way of the broadcasting system, but still has the mindset of a rookie. He always monitors during breaks and always works hard at whatever he’s doing.”

Thank you Park Jihoon
“He’s really cute looking, but he’s very manly. He likes hiking with his dad and is good at all sports. He has athletic skills when playing soccer or foot volleyball. He has many appeals like being surprisingly manly despite his cute looks, but also shows his cuteness when asked to do so.”

Thank you Bae Jinyoung
 “He’s a member who really practices a lot. Other members also practice all night, but he’s a hard worker who will do it for another hour. He’s also strong at focusing. Backstage, before going on stage, the look in his eyes changes. The older members make fun of him, but he prepares in his own way. I’m sad and sorry that I can’t show a lot of that on air.”

Thank you Lai Guanlin
“I’m sad that I can’t convey many of his appeals on the show. Working in Korea must be difficult, but he really works hard. He tries to make up for what he lacks in and tries to understand things quickly. He really works hard to not affect their work in Korea as a Wanna One member, so the older members adore him.”

Thank you Lee Daewhi
“Lee Dae Hwi is a very ambitious member. It’s a good thing to have ambitions and a will for what you want to show and the music you want to do. He has many skills too. He’s good at singing and makes his own music. He’s someone I hope will show a bit more.”

Thank you Ha Sungwoon
“He’s a member who’s very warmhearted, like how he was in the pork belly story. He’s the type to be the friendliest to the staff. He also talks a lot about personal things even if we didn’t ask, and it has nothing to do with filming. He often asks for the opinion of the camera director. He’s a member I’m grateful for being affectionate like a younger brother.”

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ㅇㅇ |2018.07.17 03:57 신고하기
Thank you for this wholesome post^^ I'm so happy to have spent all this time since last summer with Wanna One! Our Wanna One, we will always support you! Let's support each other...❤️

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.17 03:44 신고하기
There won't be another group like Wanna One in my life♥ I feel like if you fangirl on the different charms of each of the 11 of them, you will be able to fill your days with happiness!!ㅠ Until the end, until forever, let's be together!!

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.17 05:07 신고하기
I'm a fan of another group but I like this vibe, find strength and let's fangirl happily

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.17 03:52 신고하기
My first and last bias, Wanna One❤ I was so happy every time you guys called us Wannables. There were a lot of happy memories, but I know that the more happy memories we gathered, the more time was flying away. So I became sad and depressed. My tears flow out even when I watch videos of you guys laughing and I'm getting a feeling on longing just from listening to your songs. I feel like I'm going crazy.. 2018 will always remain our happiest and brightest time together. I'll support and love you guys forever❤ I love you and I love you again, my happiness, my universe, my life, Wanna One

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.17 07:35 신고하기
OP-yah, thank you for writing this post. I've felt once again just how precious our One is. They are the best❤️

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.17 03:54 신고하기
It will be hard starting next year for you guys to call us Wannables but I will remain a Wannable forever


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