Sunday, July 8, 2018


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1. [+775, -89]
Don't, don'tㅠㅠ

2. [+392, -16]
I watched her Pick Me and Peekaboo fancams and found her good though... She also matched the Korean trainees... Such a shame that she's quitting Produce

3. [+241, -15]
They started cutting down Jurina's screen time after ep. 2. She was dominating the first episode and after the first vote, they started messing up with the show and Ahn Joonyoung couldn't help but cut down on her screen time. Looks like she decided to quit in the end

4. [+96, -10]
The PR team for Produce 48 said that "they heard the news of Matsui Jurina halting her activities. She will also quit the program." The Japanese contestants will arrive in Korea for the 2nd contest next week. Matsui Jurina who halted her activities while in Japan will become a hot topic or not?

5. [+95, -16]
I saw her videos after reading the news of her quitting.. it's unfortunate ;;

6. [+57, -6]
So she ended up quitting.. looks like she was getting a bit bigger in Japan though

7. [+51, -6]
Jurina, ditch Japan and let's earn money in Korea


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