Friday, July 6, 2018


A team's Kim Choyeon
At first, her eyes were full of passion and she she seemed very confident and full of determination. She's 17 years old, but her own determination ruined her
Her friends from Hanrim Arts school seemed to have been promoting her a lot and kept going around with the "She's really hard working" "She's full of passion"

"My eyes are fired up"
"I'll sing 5 songs as well as 5 dances"
"Yeah, my passion is fired up"

To be honest, she's very talented ㅇㅇ 
Her dancing and singing are all well-balanced and you can see the fire in her eyes

However, even though she's very talented and has tremendous determination, she's being so maliciously edited.
Her looks and her personalities are being attacked left and right


1. DC gallery
- Ah f*ck don't pick Kim Choyeon, her face is a burden
- Can they stop editing Kim Choyeon with those creepy eyes
- Can we just get rid of Kim Choyeon already
- How is Kim Choyeon so full of herself wow
- Am I the only one who feels disgusted as soon as I look at Kim Choyeon
- F*ck can we just kick Kim Choyeon out
- Kim Choyeon can do well all she wants, her face will still drag her down

2. Naver TVCast
- She did a lot of of surgery huh? Everything is fine with her except her face
 > I just hate looking at her
- The more I look at Kim Choyeon, the scarier she looks
- She disgustingly reminds me of Quentin Tarantino
- Her forehead is the Pacific Ocean... Such a burden to look at
- She's just a burden to look at, imagine if she's the center, it would be even worse

If you went on Nate, she has 1 comment that's positive and 6x the amount that's swearing at her

And this is from Theqoo
- A burden to look at
- She just doesn't look like an idol
- She's so greedy;;
- Her eyes are burdensome lol
- You don't even need to write posts like that, she has on core fandoms anyways

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1. That's the reason why we'll end up with all the talented kids gone and the ones with nasty personality left

2. Look at them swearing at young kids like that

3. Choyeonie is such a talented kid...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Choyeon really became the scapegoat, I hope she does well

4. People can be so mean

5. You haters f*ck stop it with the hate comments, she's still a minor, she'll get so hurt when she reads them. She's so talented and she stands out from the lot

6. It's true that she's a burden to look at, but it's not to the point where we have to hate her for it

7. If you want to swear at someone, why don't you swear at those kids without any determination instead?

8. Seriously all she's doing is giving her best, how did it end up like this... She's so pitiful, she's a fine kid

9. Wow isn't this too much... She was always so bright, but watching the broadcast today, it looked like she lost her mind, my heart broke..ㅠㅠㅠ Choyeon fighting, I'm rooting for you

10. She doesn't suit cute expressions, she should go for that cold vibe instead


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