Thursday, July 12, 2018

[theqoo] THE NEW NILO AS APPEAREDㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ.jpg

This is Melon's state right now


No one has ever heard of this singer
But it's becoming a Facebook pick right now (t/n: viral on FB) and the song is raising in charts like crazy
the picture is a girl, but the singer is a guy

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1. But Shaun's songs are all good

2. This is indeed suspicious

3. If you're telling me that a Facebook pick can achieve these results, then you might as well can blame Nilo on Facebook too

4. Who that?? First time hearing about him

5. To be honest, the song is good, I saw it on Bugs and I actually listened to it, I even thought that it'll probably be played a long time, because I was putting it on repeat

6. Me too I listened to it but I didn't have any thought, the song is good, but since I don't go on Facebook, I wouldn't know, I only saw this now on Theqoo 

7. Shaun doesn't need Facebook to do well, his core fandom was always jjang, it's a disgrace to compare him to Nilo... His songs have always been muggles' pick

8. His song is good, that's enough. Melon shouldn't be a popularity rank

9. Ah f*ck don't listen to this

10. If the song is good, it's even weirder if it doesn't chart no?


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