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He's the bassist from N.Flying called Kwong Kwangjin (KJ). Ever since his debut, he already stirred a lot of heat with his actions by making misogynist comments, but the fans were scared that they'll stain their own bias' image if they said something, so everyone kept it on the low.
People who've been a fan of N.Flying for a long time would know about this issue since the beginning though. Actually, you only need to meet them for only a few times to notice this 
But some times ago, a controversy broke out about him (although he receives hate on a daily basis), as expected, he's not only a crazy f*cker, but he's worse than that
When he debuted, he was hitting on fans and even dated them. He also harasses the fans sexually in fan meetings, talkshits on members and his company saying how he rather go to the army than to be a singer, etc. and how all he has to do is move his fingers to play bass. The most shocking thing he told a fan "There are just things meant for red alley b*tches" * (aka prostitutes)ㅋㅋ 
Those are words that can't even be used carelessly if you were a commoner, how can he publicly say that to a fan?

Here are the big lines of the controversy
(T/n: the post is WAY TOO LONG so we'll try to summarize everything)

1. On KJ's first birthday, a fansite manager decided to put his bday ad on a shelter bus, he got so emotional that he posted on his fancafe and later met with her
2. He wanted to treat her to a coffee shop but she couldn't so the fansite wrote on the fancafe to meet her at the Starbucks in front of the company thinking anyways he was a nobody and the company wouldn't know
3. She ends up dating KJ and the fans caught on because she ended up telling everyone, the fans were shocked but told her to not make it obvious
4. She wasn't able to keep it to herself, she would brag about him at her office, tell people to hear his voice on the phone and flirt with him during busking etc.
5. KJ starts backstabbing his members and his fans to look good in front of his girlfriend, while the girlfriend was telling all the fans about the signals he'd make as a "sign of love" during fansigns
6. KJ would also show up abruptly in his girlfriend's office whenever there was a misunderstanding between them and just bring her out in his car to resolve it

If you read the comments he replies on his girlfriend's posts VS other fans posts, you would feel that he's so fed up with other fans, he even said that he was annoyed, also he would bash other members and praise himself

Since the girlfriend doesn't have a limit on her company's credit card, she said she could treat the members to hanwoo (beef) but KJ said it would be a waste and just go to the market with him.

A fan who is majoring in applied music department failed ticketing and he told her "since you're in that faculty, you would know every time I play something wrong, so just don't come"

KJ saying how his own member Lee Seunghyub's voice range is too low so KJ can't sing on the songs he composes, dissing his lyrics calling it trash, that it makes no sense that a band does a ballad song like "Lonely"

During fansigns, when meeting other members' fans he would say stuff like
"You're a fan of that other member right? You're not even my fan, you're not mine"
when the fan tried to justify him being his 2nd bias, he would say
"But you come to our music shows to see XX? Why don't you put my name on your slogan? Why don't you shout my name?" etc. he forces people to fangirl on him

There were 3 students and 3 old men who came up to them asking who they were waiting for and asking their age, the 3 students just decided to ignore them, but the 3 old men kept trying to torment them. Anyone could see that they were being disturbed by the men. KJ who passed by started telling the students to stop acting like victims and even made them apologize to the 3 old men. And KJ told the 3 girls "it's dangerous to go out at this time if you're girls". There should be no "dangerous time" for girls to go out you hannam

During their 1 year vacuum time, the fans were all waiting so he came and told some fans "there should be something soon, so look forward", the fans f*cking looked forward to it and were waiting and nothing happened for the next days, so the fans asked him and he said "but I was just joking?"

When ordering lunch boxes, the support team asked 2 members which they would prefer between A and B, and the 2 of them said B because there was eel in it. When the support came, KJ saw that they chose the B menu and asked "Why did we go with B?" to which a member replied "because the 2 members both chose B" and KJ replied with "When are those 2 ever gonna be useful?"

International fans sending him posters during their vacuum and he threw them away

"I thought that OP cannot gain weight"
"But turns out that OP did gain weight"
The fan saw him again and asked "What kind of answer is this?" to which he replied "But I already said sorry no?"

(on his fancafe : "Sorry....")

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ㅇㅇ |2018.12.18 17:24 신고하기
Does he really looks like that or it's just a bad picture..? He looks like those Chinese plastic monsters

ㅇㅇ |2018.12.18 15:49 신고하기
I'm another group's fan and this is dumbfounding. I will help you trend this on trending tags and enter-talk, that's how articles will be written and they will be obligated to release an official statement about him 

ㅇㅇ |2018.12.18 16:00 신고하기
I'm another group's fan, but this needs to be the top trending post if you want articles to be written about it ㅇㅇ I hope everyone who stumbles on this post can upvote it

ㅊㄹ |2018.12.18 18:34 신고하기
That's the reason why he was cut from CNBlue's lineup when they did their Korean debut. That's also why he's taken so much time as a trainee, although he's old. He was always a f*cker...

ㅇㅇ |2018.12.18 17:33 신고하기


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