Monday, February 18, 2019


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This is her pre-debut video as a trainee

Ddudu Ddudu practice video

Ddudu Ddudu fancam


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1. BlackPink aren't my bias and it's not like she was bad and you can clearly see that she's working hard so I don't like it why people bring videos of her just to mock her dancing... It's possible that she just can't dance... but you can see that she's working hard ㅠㅠㅠ

2. I like to see that she's working hard and you can see that she's been improving after debuting. people keep bringing up her Royal family video and I find her pitiful ㅠ also, her live dancing is pretty stable

3. To be honest, she can't dance but I find her likable because she works hard

4. Still, I find Jisoo pretty because she works hard... and you can see that hse got better compared to her debut videos

5. I'm not sure if she sucks but she's working hard so what's the issue?

6. I don't think that she's bad though

7. You can see that she's trying her best. But she was just not born with dancing talent which is a shame. She should make her movements more fluid... but I love you Jisoo yah

8. Jisoo is good at singing and she's not that bad at dancing. And with visuals like that, you can consider her talented

9. She's a visual member so that's talented enough...

10. She's working hard and improving so I think this level is good enough


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