Tuesday, April 2, 2019


In a conversation that was recorded with Hwang Hana and an acquaintance in 2015, she was heard saying
"Yah, the chief prosecutor? Yah my uncle and my dad knows everyone in the national police agency. Are you joking? They're freaking best friends"
"I met the highest place person in the Namdaemun police station, I even posted pictures, we're not talking about the public service or the economy department, it's not the cyber investigation team either... I..."

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1. [+450, -6]
Directors~~ please manage your connections well. You're just selling your souls left and right

2. [+396, -11]
Let's boycott all Namyang dairy products. The moment we consume Namyang milk, we're filling up Hwang Hana's stomach

3. [+205, -3]
If you only looked at Hwang Hana, you can can see she has the backing of the police, but seeing how celebrities all have connections and are colluding with the police, there seems to be no end to their relationshipsㅋㅋㅋ  Reveal the police superintendent

4. [+83, -6]
What's there to show off about... That brainless b*ch how did she grow up like that

5. [+46, -1]
Seriously the class is so low, "They're best friends~";;; In one of the movies when Yoo Ah In got handcuffed and she said something like "yah how much time do you think it'll take to uncuff handcuffs? 1 hours? 30 minutes?" it was all trolling but this is totally the same

6. [+33, -1]
Seungri saw the same police chief, reveal him


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