Tuesday, April 23, 2019


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Park Yoo Chun tested “POSITIVE” for methamphetamine on his leg hairs. It was negative 4 urine. Park gave a press conference denying any drug usage while crying. There is arrest warrant for Park. Japanese fans are defending & supporting him the most, saying we believe you.
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1. [+206, -5]
You're going to overhype this guy doing drugs to cover up the fact that Burning Sun's snuff films were revealed right? This shows Naver's class trying to hide the news from making it to the international platforms. You're pissing your pants because you're scared of YG and everyone colluding with him right? Rape drugs, kidnapping women, reveal all those sadomasochistic VVips!!

2. [+124, -3]
F*cking r*tarded b*tchㅋㅋㅋㅋ  You police f*ckers, you're confiscating Park Yoochun's house for investigation, meanwhile no matter how many offenses are laid out on paper about Seungri, you're just not going to investigate him huh? Burning Sun is slyly using this drug scandal to cover their own rape drug scandal. What the f*ck are you so scared of that you can't even reveal the fact that they've recorded those illegal videos? How many VVips are out there with names that you can't reveal? Reveal the VVip lists, and investigate Yoon Gyugeun!!!!

3. [+67, -5]
You're telling me that the articles about him doing drugs is the news on the main page??? What about revealing Burning Sun's VVip, Seungri and YG, YG's 2nd biggest share holder Naver, Yoon Gyu Geun and the Blue House? Investigate all of them to the core, you think that the citizens will forget about this just because 4 months have passed???? We won't forget, let's investigate them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. [+58, -1]
Until when are we going to watch this drug affairs in the main page? We already know that this bast*rd is a criminal, a swindler, and a sex offender, shut up with that and investigate Burning Sun. Rape drugs, sex crimes, this whole razy ordeal, you think we will stay quiet about it? Start by investigating Yoon Gyu Geun and Seungri. And destroy YG

5. [+31, -5]
Burning Sun's gate doors: YG, Naver, their d*cks, rape drugs. Don't be blinded by those f*ckers!!!!! 


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