Thursday, September 12, 2019


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1. [+172, -198]
The goddess is Han Gain though

2. [+108, -82]
But this picture makes me think that Suzy is prettier though..

3. [+107, -36]
She's no joke in real life too  A goddess

4. [+90, -37]
Some gagman said that the prettiest female idol he has seen in real life was Suzy. He said that she was so pretty to the point of making him stutter

5. [+79, -9]
No but why are you guys suddenly bringing Han Gain up? KKKK Just say that she's pretty, sigh;

6. [+78, -11]
It's not for nothing that people are raving about her real life looks

7. [+57, -10]
There's no one who can rival Suzy when it comes to looking clean. Freaking pretty...


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