Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Lindsay Lohan (born in 1986)

During her legendary days

She was freaking pretty and she was super popular among women in their 10~20's

Lindsay's current visuals

Britney Spears (born in 1981)

This was the time when she was every girl's wannabe and icon

The prettiest in the world

Britney's current visuals

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1. [+158, -16]
Westerners age fast in general but these two also didn't manage themselves well. Even westerners call these two grandma-looking.. Lindsay doesn't sleep every night and just throws drinking parties, does drugs, got addicted to plastic surgery and alcohol and doesn't take care of herself one bit. That's why she ended up like this. Britney also threw a bunch of drinking parties and did all-nighters at some point in her life. She dieted quite a few times and her body was yoyo-ing back and forth. Because she wasn't mentally stable, she was also put in therapy. Britney was the issue maker for some time and her manager said that she didn't sleep once in 3 days and that she had issues with her physical and mental health. If you guys look at Miranda Kerr, she's born in 1983 and is currently pregnant of her 3rd kid, but she only eats healthily and manages her stress well so she still looks young and pretty

2. [+111, -6]
The celebrities of our country really seem impressive;; even those who are in their 40's don't seem to age at all ㅜㅜ

3. [+51, -2]
Foreigners should put on less fancy makeup as they age but because they can't let go of their golden ages, they keep on having those fancy makeup so there's a disharmony with their face, and they end up looking weirder. I think that they'll look fine and beautiful if they put light skin makeup with simple hair and accessories. Asians are better with that. Westerners are just generally obsessed with looking fancy so it's not easy

4. [+49, -3]
She's the same age as Britney Spears....

5. [+46, -2]
They totally look like grandmas..


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