Thursday, December 5, 2019


If those are all true, wouldn't it be daebak...?

Season 1: on the 1st ranking reveal, 2 people were rigged 
Season 2: on the 1st ranking reveal, 1 person was rigged, on the final ranking, 1 person was rigged  
Season 3: top 20 was already decided before the live episode
Season 4: top 20 was already decided before the live episode, 1 person was rigged on 1st ranking, 2 people were rigged for the 3rd ranking

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1. [+185, -20]
I feel bad for season 3 and 4, the PD put all the kids who had a wine and dine with him in and the rest of the kids were all rigged and thrown away. Even if you told me that it wasn't rigged from the beginning, what crimes did the kids who were supposed to make it to the rankings commit? Joonyoungie really put the kids in the group based on his own preferences

2. [+159, -5]
Just looking at the screen time, you could tell how f**********cking rigged this was, so why are people so shocked that the rankings are rigged?

3. [+135, -141]
So where are the people who were swearing at Lee Hangyul. Cha Junho and Kang Minhee now...?? If they've been rigging everything since the 3rd ranking, they're not the only rigged members anymore

4. [+92, -2]
When they always get leaked on TV or they help them in their image making, that's all about rigging too.... It's not only about changing the ranking

5. [+88, -3]
Lee Jinwoo...This is what they did to Lee Jinwoo and Kim Gukheon ㅠㅠ
The trainee A who was targeted during the 1st ranking was thrown out for B instead. During the 3rd ranking when they named the 20 people, 2 people were rigged out


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