Wednesday, December 2, 2015


here are the winners for MAMA 2015:
Full list of winners
Next Generation Asian Artist: MONSTA XBest Asian Style: EXOBest New Male Artist: iKON
Best New Female Artist: TwiceBest Music Video: BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”Best Solo Dance Performance: HyunA – “Roll Deep”
Best Rap Performance: San E – “Me You”Best Female Artist: TaeyeonBest Male Artist: Park Jin YoungWorldwide Favorite Artist: BIGBANGBest Asian Artist – Japan – AKB48
Best Asian Artist – Thailand – POTATO
Best Asian Artist – Vietnam – Dong Nhi
Best Asian Artist – Singapore – Stefanie Sun Yanzi
Best Asian Artist – Indonesian  -Ran
Best Asian Artist – Mandarin – Jolin TsaiGlobal Fans’ Choice Female: f(x)
Global Fans’ Choice Male: EXOBest Vocal Performance: Zion.TBest Dance Performance Female: Red Velvet
Best Dance Performance Male: SHINeeWorldwide Inspiration Award: Pet-shop BoysBest Collaboration: Zion.T & CrushBest Band Performance: CNBLUE2015 MAMA World Performer: BTSBest Female Group: Girls’ Generation
Best Male Group: EXO
Song of the Year: BIGBANG: “Bang Bang Bang”
Album of the Year: EXO – “Exodus”
Artist of the Year: BIGBANG
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  • bora****
    Taeyang's complaintㅋㅋseriously the other sings just received something and left. the singers seats were all empty. anyways, congrats Bigbang
    2015.12.03 오전 12:40 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • knk0****
    Bigbang received the singer of the year award but there was only one team left to congratulate them. shouldn't they congratulate the Daesang winners at least?
    2015.12.03 오전 12:40 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • uk01****
    congrats to everyone~~~♡
    2015.12.03 오전 12:37 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • ps99****
    Bigbang, you guys worked hard seriously♡♡ VIPs please don't get upset...♡♡
    2015.12.03 오전 12:38 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • fhwp****
    congrats, everyone worked hard
    2015.12.03 오전 12:37 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • hoi7****
    where did everyone go when Psy came out? they just took their awards and left
    2015.12.03 오전 12:41 모바일에서 작성 | 신고
  • jjun****
    Taeyang was saying how everyone left after receiving their awards, that's too much ㅡㅡ ... you guys are all co-workers ....
    2015.12.03 오전 12:41 모바일에서 작성 | 신고


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