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Due to time constraint, we won't translate 100% of the post, hope you guys understand!

Basically there were knets from instiz (not sure if they were the ones who started or PANN) that claimed that Seventeen's new video was plagiarized from BTS' run and I Need U. The PANN post is clarifying by raising out some points for example saying that kpop videos don't own any concepts and often end up looking like US music videos too. There are also a lot of MVs who have the same feel/color palette/scenery recently since it's the trend. The album's content and the songs are all different. Both album concepts are also different.

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈


그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

그취대란이여도 난 올릴걸 올린다... | 인스티즈

there are more comparisons in the original instiz post here

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original post: here

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.26 12:04 
I'm a student who have been studying advertising/music videos/filming and  building story lines for videos, stuff like that.   The MVs are indeed really similar, but I don't really care. But the thing is there are people saying how the MV is representing youth so they used all the "youth" cliche shots to make those MVs and that all MVs are the same anyways. I kinda felt insulted when I saw that. I've been studying filming and stuff and I see that all the angles and transitions and every scene have been looked into with precision and hard work.. People who work in the advertising and filming field would know about it. Anyways when I look at bangtan I can see that they've put so much care in their series of videos, all their videos have back stories and you can read about the theories on youtube or other blogs, so I know that their company have worked really hard for it.. . Just imagine how hard they've worked to work that concept and story line up..

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.26 11:20 
this is already in the top trending post... anyways the other websites also seem to know about it, but why are people posting a clarification for this... Those people aren't even sorry for what they've done, they're such cowards

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.26 10:42 
I'm another group's fan but this is sooo similar that I wanted to swear, why is PANN so quiet about it? I wonder if it's Seveteen's company who's monitoring the comments

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.26 14:30 
I thought that the armies were going to start swearing left and right but why are they so silent about this... they're so pitiful

ㅇㅇ |2016.04.26 15:15 
It's an understatement to say that it's similar to Armies' precious HYYH and it's even more insulting to hear that people call the concept cliche. Anyways, apart from Seventeen's MV, their choreographies and songs are all self produced so I'm sscared that because of this MV their song won't do well.. (((((Bangtan)))) (((((Seventeen)))) I like Seventeen, I don't have any ill feelings about you guys


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