Friday, July 15, 2016


(t/n: The song is called ice cream freestyle for those who are interested, he posted on his soundcloud right after he got eliminated from SMTM4 but deleted the song, not sure when he did though)

"At the place where church begins, I also improved
Satan this bast*rd will get sensitive when hearing this story
I'm sorry man, No. sorry woman hashtag #Biatch
I'll buy you a sanitary pad now"

"Even my hyung's friends shout out "bravo"
Even in the army when they see me they forget about national security
Lesbianism is definitely declining all thanks to me
because even lesbians get wet due to my "flow""

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1. He doesn't seem to know a lot about homosexuals so he probably wrote those lyrics thinking it was cool, I hope he'll be more careful next time

2. He probably doesn't know that he's abasing homosexuals but what's up with sanitary pads?

3. He is probably aware of what he was doing while writing the lyrics, but if an homosexual listened to it, he probably wouldn't feel so good

4. I don't think that Bewhy wrote it with the intention of hating on the homosexuals, it just seems like he had to find something to appraise himself with and wrote these lyrics without much thoughts. He probably didn't think that it would become an issue right?

5. Huh? Who even considered these lyrics as hate lyrics? I thought that it was just a way for him to show off? It's the same when rappers say stuff like "Your girlfriend is even falling for me" type of stuff

6. Why are you bringing this upㅋㅋㅋㅋplease don't over-dramatize the situation

7. Bewhy's lyrics are seriously not my cup of tea

8. Even lesbians didn't think much of those lyrics

9. I don't think that it's so much as a hate comment though

10. No but I still have a bad feeling about this. I know that rapping cultures is all about showing off oneself, but why must he use lesbians and homosexuals in his lyrics like that? It's such a sensitive subject... Anyways I'm sure homosexuals didn't feel good about this


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