Sunday, August 28, 2016


Just work out instead;;

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1. It looks so dangerous...

2. It looks so fake

3. It must be painful

4. Why is everyone judging them? As long as they're happy for doing surgery, you shouldn't mind others' business. Their satisfaction should be enough right?ㅋㅋ

5. There's times when even if you work out, it wouldn't bulk up so they can have resort to this instead. Their satisfaction is all that counts, they're the ones who spend their own money and they're prepared for the pain anyways

6. Is there surgery to reduce your shoulders too...
  > Yes please...
  > Please reduce my shoulders doctor...

7. There's a friend of mine who no matter how much he exercised, he couldn't build his shoulders up, if you're desperate then you can do the surgery ㅇㅇ..

8. Should work out instead...

9. But how do they even do that.. Quite amazing

10. But the results are quite pretty... Me too I wanna have large shoulders.. I want my shoulders to look pretty too


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