Saturday, September 3, 2016


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1. [+6985, -77]
My sincere condolences...He was a great guy ㅠㅠ
2. [+5158, -44]
My sincere condolences, I hope you will be able to cheer up with the pain of your parent passing away, find strength

3. [+4407, -55]
My sincere condolences

4. [+3490, -33]
My sincere condolences. Dongwoo said that he inherited his good character from his dad, I'm sure he was such a nice guy. I hope Dongwoo doesn't have it too hard on him. He's such a good person to the fans. My heart hurts. I wish he walks on a good road now. Please don't get hurt too much.

5. [+2182, -16]
Dongwoo's role model was his fatherㅠㅠㅠ He also mentioned his father so much in the last concertㅜㅜ My sincere condolences..

6. [+778, -5]
When I went to their parents' shop they treated me so well, they thanked me for being a fan and coming from so far, it really left me a huge impression.. With parents like this, of course Dongwoo grew up to be such a good person... My sincere condolences

7. [+770, -6]
My sincere condolences, it's a shame that Dongwoo must be feeling horrible with the passing of his father. He was also in another country..

8. [+644, -6]
On August 6th's concert, he was still saying how his father was a great man because it was his birthday to the fans. Dongwoo also sang a birthday song to his dad wishing him health and cried back then. Dongwoo always cries whenever he mentions his parents because he's always worried for their health. I wonder how hurt he must be right now, I can't even express how much love his father gave to people, he was always bright and smiled all the time. He also thanked the fans and was so kind to us. His mother was like his father, she is really kind. He can now protect Dongwoo from the heavens. Rest in peace and my sincere condolences.


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