Friday, September 23, 2016


Basically, he has been accused of sexual assault by a woman on September 23rd but is already acquitted of the charges because the girl turned out to be one of his exes.
What upsets him and his company is that there's rumors claiming that an investigation that has been "completed" and that he's been found criminal.

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1. [+2526, -87]
The only answer is to sue those trash journalists

2. [+2009, -70]
Just sue that journalist

3, [+1887, -67]
Please sue him, they're not going to have it hard otherwise, it's nice that they released an article to clarify like that, but please sue the journalist, do you think defamation of character is a joke?

4. [+1604, -56]
Trash journalists... just stop writing articles...Seriously reading articles nowadays makes me realize that they're all trash

5. [+1290, -130]
Celebrities are so pitiful

6. [++243, -16]
You can't have a normal mentality if you want to release articles like that, it's considered defamation of character, start by apologizing

7. [+224, -18]
Sue all the journalists who's been spreading this lately

8. [+177, -15]
Sue them!!!!


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