Friday, September 30, 2016

[PC stories] HOW I MET DEAN

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Hi Pannchoa sheeps~~ I would like to share an experience I had two days ago. I really would like him to have more fans because he deserves it~~ So basically, two days ago, I met one of my most favorite singer of all time, DEAN in Malaysia. He came here for a performance and an autograph session. At first, I was so sad because I was pushed back by some fans from the standing area near the stage T^T If I was tall, I wouldn't mind but I'm only 150cm, so being at the back is as good as nothing.

So I went to the second floor and could barely see him perform. I thought that, welp, there goes my chance of actually seeing DEAN. During the autograph session, those with the priority pass got to go first, and since I didn't have one, I had to just test my luck if they had enough time to let the ones with no pass get their albums signed. AND TO MY LUCK, I GOT TO MEET HIM FACE TO FACE.

My heart was beating so fast when I was walking closer and closer to him. One word to describe DEAN: FLUFFY. He is very handsome and his voice is just heavenly. I told him 'You've worked hard,' in Korean and his surprised face was really cute.

He asked me if I spoke Korean and I just said a little and OH GOD, his little laugh caught me off guard. After that he signed my album and said 'see you again' in English. He held up his hand and I thought he wanted to high five, BUT NO. When I went in for a high five, he actually held my hand (as in he folded up his fingers and our fingers were intertwined... Idon'tknowhowtodescribeitbutyouknow).
So, basically, it was an unforgettable experience and I wish he'd come again for a concert here. Please give DEAN lots of love because this little fluff ball of cuteness needs your love and support~~~ <3<3<3

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