Friday, September 30, 2016


PC stories #1
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Hi guys, I want to talk to you about my diet recently. I have so much belly fat. I tried so many diet like kpop group. Eat just one food, eat vegetables with chicken breast and even starving. But none of them is worked. And a month ago I started my diet with just eating healthy and workout. No chips and chocolate. I lost 3 kilo at the first week, but until now I lost no more weight. Should I continue my diet? Do you guys have a success diet or failed diet story? Share your tips :) !!

I know its impossible, I want to get Seolhyun or Seulgi body TT TT

PC stories #2

Hello!! I'm a submitter in their mid 10s I'm still growing and all but I really want to know how to get a "smokin hot bod" 😢 I do sports and I think I eat okay ? What do PC-tizens think ? Please give me advice on how to get a great body 💕 (adding Seulgi because she's my idol when it comes to body goals)

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