Friday, October 28, 2016


(T/n: there are too many pictures so we'll just post one of each category ^^;)

Best new male artist nominee
Image result for Pentagon kpop

1. Pentagon
2. KNK
3. Astro
4. SF9
5. NCT127

Best new female artist nominee
Image result for cosmic girls

2. IOI
3. Bolbalgan4
4. Gugudan
5. Black Pink

Best male group nominee
Image result for infinite the eye

1. Infinite
2. Shinee
3. Block B
4. BTS
5. iKON
6. EXO

Best female group nominee
Image result for wonder girls why so lonely

1. Wonder girls
2. Gfriend
3. Mamamoo
4. Red Velvet
5. Twice

Best male artist nominee
Image result for crush kpop

1. Crush
2. Zico
3. Lim Chang Jung
4. Psy
5. Park Hyo Shin

Best female artist nominee
Image result for taeyeon 2016

1. Taeyeon
2. Jung Eungji
3. Lee Hi
4. Ailee
5. Baek Ah Yeon

Best music video nominee
Image result for why so lonely gif

1. Why so lovely-Wonder girls
2. Blood sweat & tears-BTS
3. Carnival (the last day)-Gain
4. Bonnie and Clyde-Dean
5. Whistle-Black Pink

Best OST nominee
Image result for signal jang bum june

1. Reminiscence (Signal) - Jang Beom June
2. Don't Worry (R88) - Lee Juck
3. Like a Dream (Another miss Oh) - Ben
4. This love (DOTS) - Davichi
5. Moonlight drawn by clouds - Gummy

Best band performance nominee
Image result for guckkasten

1. Guckkasten
2. FT Island
3. Day6
4. CNblue
5. 10cm

Best rap performance nominee
Image result for zico 2016

1. I am you, You are me - Zico
2. Puzzle - Bewhy & Cjamm
3. 1llusion - Dok2
4. Lonely night - Gary

Best collaboration nominee
Image result for wendy eric nam

1. Wendy & Eric Nam
2. Suzy & Baekhyun
3. Boa & Beenzino
4. Park Kyung & Eunha
5. Bobby & Mino

Best vocal performance-male solo nominee
Image result for crush kpop

1. Don't forget-Crush
2. Fallen in love (only with you) - Jang Beom June
3. The love that I committed - Lim Chang Jung
4. Good for you - Eric Nam
5. D (half moon) - Dean

Best vocal performance-female solo nominee
Image result for taeyeon rain

1. Rain - Taeyeon
2. Hopefully sky - Jung Eunji
3. If you - Ailee
4. Across the universe - Baek Yerin
5. So-so - Baek Ah Yeon

Best vocal performance-group nominee
Image result for BTOB 2016

1. Remember that-BTOB
2. Ribbon-B2ST
3. You're the best-Mamamoo
4. Beside me- Davichi
5. I don't love you- Urban Zakapa

Best dance performance-solo nominee
Image result for tiffany i just wanna dance

1. I just wanna dance-Tiffany
2. Press your number-Taemin
3. Find me-Jun Hyosung
4. Free somebody-Luna
5. How's this?-Hyuna

Best dance performance-male group nominee
Image result for vixx 2016

1. Fantasy-Vixx
2. Blood sweat and tears-BTS
3. All in-Monsta X
4. Hard Carry-Got7
5. Monster-EXO
6. Pretty U-Seventeen

Best dance performance-female group nominee
Image result for gfriend 2016

1. Rough-Gfriend
2. I like that-Sistar
3. Russian roulette-Red velvet
4. Cheer up-Twice
5. Good luck-AOA

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original post: here

1. The best vocals shouldn't be Mamamoo but BTOB

2. The competition is too intense this time  I'm pretty sure the daesang will go to either EXO or Bangtan but I like bothㅠㅠ I hope RV will receive an award

3. I can already expect who will win for other categories but for best rookies, I really don't know who between IOI, Black Pink and Bolbalgan4 will winㄷㄷㄷㄷ And for best female group I wonder who between Red Velvet and Twice will win  ㄷㄷㄷㄷ I wish success to both.. Of course Twice should receive an award just for Shashasha, but for dance, should it be Russian roulette or Cheer up?

4. I'm 100% sure Lim Chang Jung will receive something, his popularity is jjang

5. Please give an award to EXO, NCT and RVㅠㅠ I will work hard voting!

6. All the rap performances are good... I really wish Block B and infinite to win something

7. Seventeen Infinite Astro B2ST fighting!!!

8. ...?There's no Winner...?

9. Wow all the nominees have huge public recognition and public appeal. Gfriend and Twice's results were no joke this year, they're going to receive something for sure..Mamamoo too

10. Guckkastenㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  Jang Beomㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  June BTSㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 


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