Friday, October 28, 2016


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Hello, I am 18 years old, I just started college and I go here with my 2 besties. I've never had a boyfriend. To be honest, I feel jealous and lonely looking at couples, especially one of my bestie just got a boyfriend.

I've been hanging out with my other bestie more. But the thing is that, She's so pretty that every time we walk together, I always feel overshadowed, everyone's looking at her.

I think I look okay, but I've gained weight and have blemishes on my face after summer break, so I don't look my best entering college. There's this one time during an orientation where the seniors were very strict, you must ask for permission to go to toilet, when I asked them they said no, you must wait, blablablah, but then when my pretty bestie came up from behind they were all like staring at her and I heard one of them said "if its her its okay", when I heard that I was so hurt that I silently cried in the toilet later.
Yeah, I am very pathetic, but how can I have a boyfriend at this point?
I am not someone who's easygoing nor have a lot of guy friends, or even have a fun personality, I am plain boring.
And I've been losing weight and my skin has cleared a bit nowadays, but I don't want someone to like me because I 'changed' my appearance.
Hahaha. Thank you for reading this boring story, but I really have no one to talk to about this matters, I hope you guys can give me your advices :) thankyou!

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