Friday, October 28, 2016


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age: 20 I worry about my friend a lot recently. I don’t know if I’m overreacting and that’s why I’m asking for advice. Recently she changed the way she is a bit and seems more, I hate to use the word, but dull and a little sad compared to how she usually is.
People who don’t know her think she’s very quiet and serious and that’s why it worries me because she’s my best friend and I know how really is.
She’s had it hard growing up and moving from place to place to place when she was young, her father is clinically depressed so sometimes she would feel like she hasn’t had her father entirely there for her but she doesn’t want to worry him.
She barely sees her mom because she’s constantly working and when she does, her mom would put a lot of pressure on her telling her she needs to be a good daughter and build a great family but my friend doesn’t even want to get married and in her culture that’s looked down upon.
she has older sister but she’s starting her life with her new family.
I think sometimes things like this take a toll on her because she seems like she doesn’t have a support system to turn to. She’s away at university in a different state right now and last year she had a rough time because she hated all her classes, this year she told me it’s better but she still doesn’t like a lot of them.
I asked her if she was okay because I noticed the change since we talk on the phone often and she told me she’s fine but it felt like she wanted to say something a day before because she asked if I was busy but sadly I was.
When i replied she said that it wasn't important anymore. She often worries about burdening people with her problems. I don’t want my friend to feel like a burden and I feel like maybe I am overreacting a little. How do I make my friend feel important or let her know she can talk to me about anything without being pushy or over dramatic?

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