Saturday, December 31, 2016


Hi pannchoatizens!!

Last year, we found it would be interesting to review the year with you guys, so we're doing the same for this year! :D (see last year's favorites here)

Here are some rankings of our favorites of the year~ if you have some free time and want to discover new music, please give these songs a listen!

non-kpop ranking:
3. BOLBBALGAN4 // GALAXY (우주를 줄게) // LISTEN here
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They are a new indie group that debuted this year (although the blonde singer appeared in K-pop Star before). All the songs in their album are equally good so please give them a listen if you want to discover some fresh new artists! ^o^

2. NELL // VAIN HOPE (희망고문) // LISTEN here
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(There were no MV gifs)
We've always liked Nell's vibes since their songs reminded us a lot of Korea :D The overall album is a must listen but Vain Hope was our favorite song! Nell's instrumentals are always on point and sound very unique!

Image result for dean gif half moon
Dean made it to our top 3 last year and this year, he's in top 1! We're pretty sure that most of you have heard this song by now, but if you haven't, stop scrolling down and go listen to it now :D Dean definitely blew up this year but even if some people find him "overrated", his music is still very tasteful ^_^

k-hiphop ranking:
Image result for giriboy gif
Unfortunately his song doesn't have an MV :( Nowadays, Giriboy doesn't rap as much but even so, this song is really well made since he's now more into producing. If you're into those non-rap/sad-sounding k-hip hop songs, you will definitely like this song :D the instrumental is also kinda unconventional (?)

2. LOCO X CRUSH // STILL (남아있어) // LISTEN here
Image result for 로꼬 crush
(There were no MV gifs)
We don't usually follow Loco but we listened to this song randomly because the album jacket looked nice on the YT thumbnail XD The song and his rapping flow are really easy to listen to. Most of our friends liked it 30 sec into the song, so please give is a try ^o^

Image result for BEWHY CJAMM GIF
This song also doesn't have an MV but PLEASE LISTEN TO IT NOW!!!! It actually charted pretty well coming from a small agency :D The lyrics are kinda funny (at least to us xD) so we've included a English sub version in the link for those who are interested. It's also one of those feel good and easy to listen to-songs~

kpop ranking:
Image result for sentimental winner gif
We've always liked to listen to band music so this song fits quite well with our taste! It definitely sounds different from the mainstream Korean music so it was a refreshing listen for the beginning of the year~ also noooo Nam Taehyun :'(

2. BTS // SAVE ME // LISTEN here
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To be honest, BTS' music is always very high quality but it's most of the time, not really the type of music we listen to ^^;; but Save Me was super well made. The instrumental, vocals and overall melody are extremely clean and tasteful, and the MV is also very simple and beautiful :)

1. NCT U // THE 7TH SENSE (일곱번째 감각) // LISTEN here
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This song was O.U.R J.A.M of the year!!!! Firetruck was also very very very good even though it was more a hit or miss :S The MV was perfect and the choreography was exquisite. This song gave so much of that novelty vibes, especially coming from SM XD Hope you guys give it a try!! :)

Out of topic, but sorry if we weren't able to open the 2 weeks request this year. School was just too brutal since we're doing our masters now TT_TT 


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